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Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, not pay out money on claims. Insurance companies look for reasons and loopholes to avoid paying the full value on legitimate claims.

That is why you need a Colorado lawyer who is experienced in dealing with insurance companies, and their attempts to undervalue and underpay claims.

Pit Martin, a Colorado Springs injury lawyer, is an experienced attorney with over 33 years of fighting insurance companies to get the full value of your claim. Pit Martin knows the tactics insurance companies use to minimize claims, and his goal is to build a strong case to get you the full value of your claim. Our clients typically receive more money on their claim, even after attorney fees and costs, than the insurance company would pay someone without the help of an experienced Colorado attorney.

Pit Martin takes no fee unless you receive a settlement, or win and collect a verdict at trial. Call 719-578-5455 for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your Colorado insurance claim.

Pit Martin has sued insurance companies in Colorado Springs, and all across Colorado. He knows the Colorado laws that protect injured people from large insurance companies that are only interested in making a profit.

Pit Martin is an experienced Colorado Springs Insurance Bad Faith lawyer, who knows the experts and Colorado insurance law to force insurance companies to pay the full value of your claim. Call us today at 719-578-5455.




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