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Automobile Collision Reporting

Automobile collisions happen because another driver makes a choice not to follow the “Rules of the Road,” by following too closely, not paying attention, speeding, or other decisions which cause the collision.  The police should ALWAYS be immediately called to investigate and record what happened.  This protects the driver who is not at fault from being falsely accused of causing the collision, which sometimes happens when the police are not called.  The insurance company for the at-fault driver will also require a police report before seriously considering any claim for injuries caused by the collision.  It can take hours, or even days, to realize the seriousness or extent of injuries from the collision.  The sooner those injuries are documented by a doctor or chiropractor, the quicker treatment can begin.  Insurance companies discount the value of claims for injuries from collisions when there is delay in seeing a doctor, or when there are gaps in treatment.

Contact the following law enforcement agencies whenever involved in a collision that you believe is not your fault:  Colorado Springs Police Dept. dispatch at 911 or 719-444-7000 (https://cspd.coloradosprings.gov/public-safety/police/contact);  El Paso County Sheriff at 911 or dispatch at 719-390-5555 (www.shr.elpaso.com); the Colorado State Patrol at 719-635-0385 or dispatch at 719-544-2424 (www.colorado.gov/pacific/csp/troop) for District 2B for central Colorado; Cold reporting of a traffic collision goes through the Colorado State Patrol only at (www.crash.state.co.us).

Try to obtain the name and telephone number of witnesses, or get the license plate number of potential witnesses.  Get the driver’s license information of the other driver, and the license plate number of their vehicle.  Take photos of the scene BEFORE vehicles are moved.  Use your phone video to record statements from the other driver and/or witnesses.  Take photos of the license plate number of potential witnesses if they don’t stop to provide their information.  Do not assume that the other driver will be accurate as to what happened to cause the collision.  Document what happened as much as possible, or ask witnesses rendering aid to help document the collision by taking photos. Video or recording statements with their phone.