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Car crashes are no accident -- someone chose to violate one of the Colorado traffic laws (Rules of the Road), and caused the collision. A car crash can leave people with physical, emotional and financial injuries, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent impairment.

A car wreck is a shocking event, but the more documentation obtained right away at the scene, the better chances for full recovery. Call the police and report the crash. Wait for the police to arrive, even if it takes a long time.

Take photos of the location of both vehicles before moving them. Take photos of the damage to both vehicles, or all the vehicles if more than two are involved.

Exchange information with the other drivers involved, including driver's license, insurance, and registration. Take photos with your phone of all relevant documents, and take a photo of the license plates of all vehicles involved, and of any potential witnesses and their vehicles. Take photos of the scene, close up and from a distance.

Use the video on your phone to record any statements made by other drivers or witnesses. Be polite, and explain you are recording because you are shook up, it's easier than writing information down, and you don't want to forget anything.

If you are injured, describe all injuries to the police officer, the responding paramedics, and the Emergency Room nurses and doctors. Sometimes the pain from a more acute injury, like a broken bone or bleeding cut, can mask or override the pain from another injury which then goes unreported.

From the perspective of the insurance company, if any injury is not in the medical treatment records, then it didn't happen, or isn't related to this crash.

Be certain to tell the paramedics and Emergency Room nurses and doctors if you have a headache, dizziness, vision or balance problems, and light or noise sensitivity that you did not have before the collision. These symptoms could be indications of a concussion, or bruising or other injury to the brain, which is quite common because of the forces involved in most Colorado car crashes causing injury.

Call your insurance company and report the car accident and your injury. Have your documentation ready when the call is made so you can provide detailed answers to the questions from your insurance company. Inquire about your Medical Benefits Payments coverage, about a rental car, and how the damage to your vehicle will be handled. Provide the information regarding the other driver and all witnesses, and the police State of Colorado Traffic Accident Report number.

Talk to an experienced Colorado car accident lawyer as soon as practical to discuss your rights, and talk to a lawyer about how your Colorado car crash should be handled. In claims with contested or questionable liability (like someone who ran a red light or stop sign, but denies it), obtaining the 911 call log and tapes can help identify potential witnesses who saw the crash and called it in. These witnesses should be contacted and statements obtained while memories are still fresh, and before the witnesses move or are difficult to locate.

Follow the advice of your medical treatment providers, including going to appointments even if you are starting to feel better. Document days missed from work, and let your doctor know. Be certain to tell your doctor what hurts, where on your body, how bad, and how it affects you at work, and in activities of daily life (particularly household chores).

People injured in Colorado car accidents should see a lawyer to discuss their rights and claim, and be aware there is a three year statute of limitations for injuries from a car crash. This means the claim must be entirely settled, or a lawsuit filed, within 3 years from the date of the collision, or recovery is barred by law.

Most people injured in a car crash are not thinking about liability or who is at fault because of shock and pain from their injuries. Witnesses to the crash can be discovered from the 911 calls reporting the collision because the 911 call operators are trained to request the name and telephone number of the person calling in. This is a good source of witnesses to help determine who was at fault for the collision.

Law enforcement investigating the car crash also take witness statements if they are still at the scene when police arrive. Request must be made for the entire State of Colorado Traffic Accident Report, specifically requesting all measurements and witness statements. Otherwise, just the two or three page accident report will be provided without the measurements and witness statements.

Witnesses should be contacted as soon as possible, preferably by someone other than the injured party, to obtain a statement before their memory of the collision fades, or the witness moves.

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