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I had a great experience working with Pit Martin and Kelly. He is very thorough and was always quick to answer any questions promptly. He really makes time for your concerns. I had come from another law office that really dropped the ball with my case and Mr. Martin stepped in and created a strong case for my car accident. I got significantly more than the other office said I would. Kelly was always quick to reply and very kind and helpful to talk to. Highly recommend his office.
— Brit Laree

I highly recommend J.C. “Pit” Martin and his team. Pit and Kelly patiently explained every step of the development(s) dealing with my car collision. Though not a quick process – I am thankful for the learning opportunity and the thoroughness provided. Thank you.
— Carolee Edmondson

I was very pleased with everything that Pit, Kelly, and Debbie did for me during my case. They all worked diligently and professionally to get the best results, and were caring and concerned as well! I would highly recommend the Law Office of J C Pit Martin.
— Barbara Baker

Pit and his staff are absolutely amazing!!!!! They treated us like family highly recommend if you’re ever injured.

Amazing experience with J.C. “Pit” Martin! As the victim of a car accident, I was being taken advantage of by the other individual’s insurance company. From the moment I spoke with Pit, he cared about my situation and fought for me. He took the time and effort to thoroughly educate me in regards to the laws concerning my case. His unparalleled knowledge and professionalism gave me peace of mind in knowing I was being represented by a highly successful and experienced attorney. Pit is the man you want behind you when you are facing an uphill battle. He fights for what is fair and what is right. I strongly recommend J.C. “Pit” Martin and his team.
— Dillon Dempsey

After almost two years of trying to resolve a medical issue, I reached out and found Pit Martin who agreed to help me. He did everything that he said he would and more, and even though all is resolved, in our favor, I wish I had more things for him to work on. I will sing his praises to anyone who will listen. Pit and his staff were wonderful to work with, and I thank them for letting me get back to my normal life.

I thought that I could settle my auto accident without an attorney. Things looked fine until disputes arose between my medical providers and my insurance company. I had over $5000 in medical collections, and could not find an attorney to take my case because the accident had been over a year old. My case didn’t scream massive settlement, but Pit was kind enough to take my case — resolved all of the medical collections in my favor and did negotiate a fair settlement. If you are involved in an accident, call Pit’s office and don’t wait to get legal assistance — I could not be more pleased with Pit’s representation, but wish that I had contacted him immediately.

Pit Martin I would recommend to anyone who has been in car accident and got injured! He will fight to get your medical bills paid and more. He got me 800,000.00 !!! My accident was life changing for sure and amount of money he got for my family was life changing. We feel very blessed for this law firm. Thank you Pit Martin.

They helped me after a car accident by getting the case settled fast. Very friendly people that will care about you and your case. Highly recommend!

Pit is incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel safe after my car accident. He is kind and handled my case wonderfully. Definitely recommend!

Pit Martin helped me with a personal injury to my wrist and settled my claim in about 6 months. The entire process with him was painless, he was attentive, very generous, and caring when it came to my case. Anytime he had any information for me, he called me directly. I highly recommend him as a personal injury lawyer.

JC [Martin] helped me navigate the very complicated world of insurance law as it related to my daughter’s auto collision. She was severely injured and almost died. Without Pit working her case things would have turned out very differently and I will be forever grateful for all his hard work.

I was in a car crash December 15, 2015. After a few days, I was in considerable pain, had ringing in my ears, popping in my jaw, and neck and low back pain. I called J C “Pit” Martin, and for the last 2 years he worked on my case, and got it settled for me. Pit and his staff were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Pit and his staff if you are injured.

Pit is incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel safe after my car accident. He is kind and handled my case wonderfully. Definitely recommend!